acmPodcastOTNRelease: 9.2014
Author: Bob Rhubart

The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast is a three-part series that looks at the evolution and adoption of Adaptive Case Management through the insight of a panel of experts.


The Panelists

  • Nico Van Benthem, senior consultant, eProseed
    Manas Deb, president and COO, eProseed
    Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans , managing partner, eProseed
    Oracle ACE Director Danilo Schmiedel, solution architect, Opitz Consulting
    Oracle ACE Director Torsten Winterberg, business development and innovation, Opitz Consulting

The Conversation

  • Listen to Part 1: The panel discusses the basics of ACM and how it relates to Business Process Management.
  • Listen to Part 2: A discussion of the forces that are driving the evolution in Adaptive Case Management.
  • Listen to Part 3: What business domains are driving the adoption of Adaptive Case Management? What are some of the common missteps in that adoption?

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